Bending at Kroon Metal Technology

Kroon Metal Technology has long-standing experience with bending. Bending, also called folding, is a metal working technique to transform the shape of a metal sheet. The bending machine has at the bottom a V-shaped die. A punch presses the sheet plate into the V-shaped die, causing the sheet to bend. It is also possible to bend different forms by which material is saved. In many cases bending can be done instead of welding. In this way, the material retains more of its mechanical strength.

Kroon Metal Technology can bend up to a pressure of 400 tons and a width of 4 meters.

Advantage of bending

The great advantage of bending is that it is fairly easy to automate. This makes it a relatively inexpensive metalworking technique. In December 2014 Kroon Metal Technology has therefore invested in a fully automatic bending machine, provided with a robot arm, in order to be able to manufacture our products even more efficiently.
Besides bending we can offer you more services in the fields of metalworking, such as drilling, turning, milling, laser cutting, welding and thread tapping.

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