Drilling is a machining process in which a drill makes a round hole in metal products. Because the drill bit easily slides away from the centerpoint when drilling on slippery surfaces, a center punch is used to make a small prick point (center) into the metal product. When using a lathe this is done by means of a centre drill. The technique thread tapping is when made an internal thread on the inside surface of a hole.

CNC Drilling

When using CNC drilling machine the level of automation is high. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) stands for computer controlled drilling machines. This allows drilling machines to make very accurate drilling holes in the metal and very accurate threads can be tapped. Kroon Metal Technology manufactures precision parts with reliable and accurate CNC drilling machines. Drilling with tolerances of a hundredth of a millimetre is very common at Kroon Metal Technology.

Manual drilling

Manual drilling is still done at Kroon Metal Technology. For example, by rush orders or repairs. This allows us to produce fast and effectively.

Besides drilling and CNC drilling we can offer you more services in the fields of metal working, such as turning, milling, folding, laser cutting and tapping.

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