Milling is a machining process in which milling cutters removes metal. Milling is done with a milling machine and can be performed on different types of metal. A difference is made in CNC milling and conventional milling. The technique of milling resembles turning.

Custom-made milling products

Kroon Metal Technology manufactures custom-made milling products. We can produce unique and customised products or reproduce custom-built products for our clients. We have long-standing experience with CNC milling and conventional milling and deliver only milling products of high quality.

The maximum size of milling products: diameter 230 mm, length 2000 mm.

CNC Milling

Kroon Metal Technology produces precision parts with reliable and accurate CNC milling machines. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) stands for computer-controlled milling. CNC milling machines are able to mill very accurately in metal.

Conventional milling

Besides CNC milling, conventional milling is still done at Kroon Metal Technology. Our conventional milling machines are used for example for rush orders or repairs. This allows us to produce fast and effectively.
Besides milling and CNC milling we can offer you more services in the fields of metal working, such as drilling, turning, folding, laser cutting and thread tapping.

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