High-quality welding products

Kroon Metal Technology has long-standing experience with welding. We only deliver high quality welding products. Welding is joining materials with pressure and/or heat, making the material at the junction fluid or pasty. During this process material of the same composition is added by which (through cooling down) a connection is established.

When is welding applied

In general Kroon Metal Technology choses welding when a desired form can't be achieved with bending or if the metal products that need to be attached have a different thickness.

Advantages of welding

Using welding allows Kroon Metal Technology to:

  • attach metal products with a difference in thickness;
  • make strong junctions;
  • manufacture difficult forms;
  • assemble complete components.

Besides welding we can offer you more services in the fields of metalworking, such as drilling, turning, milling, bending, laser cutting and thread tapping.

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