How SST Steel Cutting Technology works

Steel Solutions International is fast, efficient, flexible and above all: highly qualified.


The steel market has a large workload. The organization of Steel Solutions International is fully equipped to handle this large workload. We are accustomed to work with (very) short lead times and completing major projects within a short time. We have a large stock of European plate material, including material up to 300 mm thick and we work in shifts. For each order, the set values ​​are registered so that any repeated order can be done quickly and flawlessly again.


Digital files are sent from our CAD program directly to the cutting machines. These files may be supplied by the client or be drawings made by us. We make an optimal layout of the plate, through which minimal loss of material is obtained.


Producing requires flexibility throughout the whole production line. We are able to make sudden changes in the specifications or dimensions without compromising the delivery time. We can, if required, deliver directly into the production (Just In Time Delivery).

Highly qualified

All materials manufactured by Steel Solutions International can be supplied with a material certificate including, if desired, a quality control stamp. Steel Solutions International has the authority to issue material certificates (stamps) for a large number of Notified Bodies. This will assure a defined set of quality criteria throughout the production process.

Steel Solutions International is ISO-9001 certified by Lloyds.