Autogenous cutting

Autogenous cutting at Steel Solutions International

Steel Solutions International has long-standing experience with autogenous cutting. By means of a mixture of a fuel gas (various possibilities) and oxygen a flame is produced. In particular, the purity of the oxygen is important, this must be at least 99.5%. A decrease of 1% represents a decrease of 25% in cutting speed and as well as an increase in fuel gas consumption by 25%! The oxygen flow blows the slag (the residual of the combustion process) away as a result of which the flame cuts through the material.

At Steel Solutions International we cut steel up to 500 mm thick through autogenous cutting.

Benefits of autogenous cutting

The benefits of autogenous cutting are:

  • Cheaper cutting process than plasma cutting .
  • The cut at the top and the bottom is nearly equal in size. This results in a nearly straight cutting edge.
  • Possibility to cut with multiple cutting heads (depending on the thickness of the steel and the amount.

Specifications of the cutting machines

Our autogenous cutting machines can cut metal up to these dimensions:

  • length 60000 mm
  • width 5000 mm
  • thickness 500 mm

Besides autogenous cutting you can contact us for more services in the field of steel cutting, such as high-definition plasma cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting and weld edge preparation.

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