High-definition plasma cutting

High-definition plasma cutting at Steel Solutions International

Steel Solutions International has a long experience with high-definition plasma cutting. With high-definition plasma cutting the plasma arc is extremely constricted. This extreme constriction is produced by forced swirling of the plasma in the nozzle. Just before the plasma arc leaves the nozzle an addition gas flow is injected in the nozzle.

Advantages of high-definition plasma cutting

The advantages of high plasma cutting are:

  • High quality cutting products (the quality of the cut is between that of the conventional plasma cutting and laser cutting).
  • Less material consumption (because of a very small cut).
  • Less deformation of the workpiece (because the heat affected zone is much smaller)
  • Possibility to cut with two plasma torches.

Specifications of the cutting machines

Our high definition plasma cutting machine can cut steel up to the following dimensions:

  • length 60000 mm
  • width 5000 mm
  • thickness 20 mm

Besides high-definition plasma cutting you can contact us for more services in the field of steel cutting, such as autogenous cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting and weld edge preparation .

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