Plasma cutting

Difference between plasma cutting and autogenous cutting

The difference between plasma cutting and autogenous cutting is that with plasma cutting the material is melted and is removed through the energy of the plasma gas flow. With autogenous cutting the material is burned and the slag is blown from the cut. The plasma cutting process is used mainly with materials that are not suitable for autogenous cutting. Examples include stainless steel and aluminium.

Cut quality

With plasma cutting the force of the melting process is higher at the top of the cut than at the bottom. Because of this the cut will be wider at the top and the cut will have a conical shape.

Advantages of plasma cutting

The advantages of plasma cutting are:
*Higher cutting speed.
*Suitable to cut, besides carbon steel, also stainless steel and aluminium.
*Possibility to cut with two plasma torches.

Specifications cutting machines

Our high plasma cutting machine can cut steel up to the following dimensions:

  • length 60000 mm
  • width 5000 mm
  • thickness 50 mm

Besides plasma cutting, you can contact us for more services in the field of steel cutting, such as autogenous cutting, high-definition plasma cutting, weld edge preparation and water jet cutting.

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