Water jet cutting

Water jet Cutting at Steel Solutions International

Steel Solutions International has long-standing experience with water jet cutting. Water jet cutting is a cold cutting process. By means of a water jet (pressure +/- 4000 bar) and the addition of abrasive (fine-grained sand) water jet cutting is able to make a very precise cut. It is possible to cut steel up to 100 mm and to cut stainless steel.

Steel Solutions International can cut steel up to 100 mm thick by means of water jet cutting.

Advantages of water jet cutting

The advantages of water jet cutting are:

  • There are no heat affected zones created during the cutting, the properties of the material remain unchanged.
  • Where laser cutting has a limits regards the thickness of the material, water jet cutting can cut steel up to 100 mm thick.
  • Water jet cutting cut very accurately in size, the tolerance depends on the thickness of the steel and the chosen cutting speed.

Besides water jet cutting you can contact us for more services in the field of steel cutting, such as autogenous cutting, high-definition plasma cutting, plasma cutting and weld edge preparation.

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