Milling is a machining technique, which involves removing the metal by means of a cutter. Milling is done by means of a milling machine and can be applied to various kinds of material. There is a difference between CNC milling and conventional milling. The technique resembles turning.

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Customised milling

Kroon Metal Technology offers custom solutions and can (re)produce unique and ready-to-use products for you as our client. We have years of experience with CNC milling and we always offer premium quality milling.

Milling range: diameter 230mm, length 2000mm.

CNC milling

Kroon Metal Technology produces precision parts with by means of reliable CNC milling machines with a very high level of accuracy. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) stands for computerised milling. CNC milling machines are able to mill in metal with a high level of accuracy.

Conventional milling

Apart from CNC milling, conventional milling is also still practiced by door Kroon Metal Technology. Our conventional milling machines are used, for example, in case of rush orders or repairs. This way, we can produce swiftly and effectively.

We also offer other sheet processing services, including drilling, turning, folding, laser cutting, welding, or tapping.

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