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Steel Solutions International is a high-end steel cutting company, specialised in premium steel cutting of up to 600mm. All materials provided by us can be marked with a material certificate as well as an inspection stamp. We serve the upper end of the market. Our products, semi-finished products as well as total solutions, are found among others in the ship-building and bridge construction industries, the off-shore industry, machine and equipment construction, crane construction, trailer construction, and Yellow Goods.


At SSI, we continuously strive for premium quality against competitive prices. This way, we achieve an optimum return for all parties concerned.


We operate flexibly, putting your needs first. We ask ourselves: “What can we do to provide you with the best solution?”


We set new objectives annually; we use the information from the previous year to improve our services going forward.

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ISO-9001 and EN1090 Lloyds certified

Steel Solutions International is characterised by the premium products it manufactures, a high level of flexibility, and a swift and reliable supply of goods. Thanks to our unique cooperation with our sister company KMT, we are able to offer comprehensive solutions for the entire metal industry.

About our clients: our clients are located across the globe and operate in various industries, such as trailer construction, bodywork construction, the off-shore industry, ship-building and bridge construction, the steel industry, and machine and equipment construction.

Experience swift production rates

The workload in the steel industry is substantial. The organisation of Steel Solutions International is geared to this extensive workload. We are accustomed to work with (very) short lead times and to realise large projects within a short time spam. We have a substantial independent stock supply of European panel material, including material up to 300mm and we work in shifts. We document the set values for each assignment, so any repeated assignment can be implemented swiftly and flawlessly.

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Steel Solutions International

SSI | Steel Solutions International

SSI Steel Solutions International is a high-end steel cutting company, specialised in premium quality steel cutting. SSI is authorised to issue stamps on behalf of a large number of inspection authorities. We are equipped to provide autogenous cutting, fine plasma cutting, plasma cutting and welding bevels.

Steel Solutions International

KMT | Kroon Metal Technology

Kroon Metal Technology is a modern and progressive metalworking company specialised in laser work, typesetting, and various machining operations. KMT is equipped to manage drilling, turning, milling, folding, laser cutting, welding, and tapping.

Steel Solutions International

Sideron Cutting work

Sideron has more than 80 years of experience in steel processing. Apart from autogenous cutting of various (specialty) qualities and sawing ballast, Sideron expanded its services in the supply of cutting products further with the addition of a water cutting machine.

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