Drilling is a machining process, creating a round hole in the metal with the use of a drill. Because a drill on smooth material has the tendency to move easily, a centre punch press is used to create a dent in the centre of the metal first. Using a turning machine, this is done by means of a centre drill. Once the hole is drilled, screw thread may be entered through it. This technique is called tapping.

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Manual drilling

Conventional drilling is still used by Kroon Metal Technology. For example, in case of a rush order or repairs. It enables us to produce swiftly and effectively. Apart from (CNC) drilling, we also offer other sheet processing services, including turning, milling, folding, laser cutting, welding, and tapping.

CNC drilling

With regards to CNC drilling automatization had come a long way. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) stands for computerised management of the drilling machines. This enables the machines to drill with a very high degree of accuracy as well as tapping in metal. Kroon Metal Technology produces precision parts with reliable and accurate CNC drilling machines. Drilling activities with tolerances of one hundredth of a millimetre are very common indeed.

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