Our method of operation


The workload in the steel industry is substantial. The organisation of Steel Solutions International is geared to this extensive workload. We are accustomed to work with (very) short lead times and to realise large projects within a short time spam. We have a substantial independent stock supply of European panel material, including thick material up to 300mm and we work in shifts. We document the set values for each assignment, so any repeated assignment can be implemented swiftly and flawlessly.


Digital files are sent directly to the cutting machines via our CAD-program. The files may be those provided by the client, or design graphs produced by us. We make an optimum layout of the sheet, resulting in a minimum loss of material.


The production process demands flexibility throughout the production line. We are equipped to implement last-minute changes in the specifications or measurements without consequences for the delivery time. If needed, we can deliver directly to your own production line (Just In Time Delivery).

Highly qualified

All materials supplied by Steel Solutions International can be provided with a material certificate, with or without an inspection stamp. Steel Solutions is authorised to issue stamps on behalf of a large number of inspection authorities. This ensures that all stakeholders can count on a predetermined standard of quality throughout the production process.

Steel Solutions International is ISO-9001 Lloyds certified.

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